6 Piece Vacuum Canister Set With Free Hand Pump

Eat Fresh Every Day, Save Money, Stop Wasting Expensive Food
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6 Piece Vacuum Canister Set With Free Hand Pump

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  • Environmentally friendly reusable vacuum canisters.
  • Ideal for delicate food like salads, cakes, biscuits, bread & fresh pasta.
  • Marinate 60 minutes, under vacuum.
  • Never leave your marinade to soak over night again! Keeps food fresher for up to 5 times longer.
  • BPA Free.
  • Take to work.
  • Huge range of sizes right up to 4.5 litres which will store a full loaf of bread or a lettuce.
  • Quality European Made.
  • Triton PVA base and lid.

Vacuum Canister Set
Vacuum Canister Set
Vacuum Canister Set

Choose From White or Green (NEW!) Lids

Eat Fresh

Vacuum Storages keeps fresh food fresher for longer. Up to 5 Times Longer. Stop wasting expensive food.

Smart & Stackable

This smart stackable canister set consists of sizes 0.5l to 4.5l ensuring your set has every size covered.

European Quality

Manufactured in Europe with a patented food date/age dial so you know exactly how fresh your food really is.



The ultimate 6 Piece Vacuum Canister Set is BPA-free and is only available at this price from FoodVacuumSealers.co.nz.

Still Not Convinced? Read What Our Customers Say

“Started using it the night I got home vacuumed everything in sight. If the family had’ve stood still long enough would have got them too. Absolutely great.”


“Loving our vacuum sealer purchase, use it every day, great for keeping our nuts and breakfast cereals fresh and safe from those pantry nasties, wish we’d bought one years ago!”

John Budge

“Love mine, it’s the best thing and when you go camping, if you keep the meat cold it lasts for a week in the Esky with ice.”

Chris Kay

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