Quality Food Vacuum Sealers

Now Available Exclusively In New Zealand Through Brookings Agencies Ltd

Proudly Serving New Zealand

Brookings Agencies Ltd are proud to be the exclusive authorised importer and distributor for New Zealand of Munro Direct’s Unika by Munro domestic vacuum packaging systems.

Insured & Guaranteed

We use NZ Post including insurance, so you are safe in the knowledge that when you purchase from us the product is already in New Zealand, is fully compliant, and fully backed by our great customer service and extended 5 year warranty.

Great Customer Service

Mike and Suzy Stone are proud to offer the very best customer service. If you have a pre-sales question or need some advice on how to get the best out of your food vacuum sealer, call us on  09 828 2850 during business hours, we welcome your enquiry!
Mike and Suzy Stone

Still Not Convinced? Read What Our Customers Say…

“Love mine, it’s the best thing and when you go camping, if you keep the meat cold it lasts for a week in the Chilly Bin with ice.”

Chris Kay

“Loving our vacuum sealer purchase, use it every day, great for keeping our nuts and breakfast cereals fresh and safe from those pantry nasties, wish we’d bought one years ago!”

John Budge

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