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Learn How To Easily Maximise Your Vacuum Sealer

Does Size Really Matter?

Portioning each of your meals is one of the best ways to ensure you are getting the right amount of nutrients for your lifestyle. Check out why size really does matter!

From Freezer to Slow Cooker in Three Simple Steps

When it comes to creating and saving your meals in large quantities, there are two accessories you can’t live without – your slow cooker and your food vacuum sealer from Munro Direct. Here’s how your food can go from freezer to slow cooker in three simple steps.

Take Pride in Sous Vide

Take Pride in Sous Vide! Learn how Munro Direct food vacuum sealers are once again bringing professional quality into your domestic environment.

Celebrate Then Seal

The 4th of July weekend may cause for celebrations. Here’s a great recipe which is perfectly saved with your vacuum sealer, so you can celebrate then seal!

Entertaining with Ease

Whether you’re preparing a large dinner party, a cocktail evening or not planning to entertain at all, entertaining with ease is now a reality

Essentials for Every Winter Freezer

When it comes to winter comfort food, it’s hard to beat the aromatic scent and tantalising flavours that you get from slow-cooked casseroles and soups. Check out these recipes that transform everyday vegetables and cuts of meat into into nutritious and delicious meals.

What You Didn’t Know Expires

There are many kitchen products out there that many of us aren’t even aware spoil. We reveal What you didn’t know has an expiration date and the solution!

Vacuum Sealed Life Expectancy

It’s a well known fact that vacuum sealing extends the shelf life of food. The question now remains – how long does it then last for?

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