MagicVac Jumbo Plus

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Professional Food Vacuum Sealer

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Commercial Grade Specifications:

Italian Made
Generates a Vacuum Pressure of -0.85 KPA at 31.5lt per minute.
Wide sealing bar: 40 cm
Patented Lock & Unlock System
Waterproof panel with multifunction Soft Touch controls
Analogue vacuum indicator
Hose port (for containers, lids, etc.)
Switch with socket for detachable power cord
Sealing bar (40cm) with cooling system for intensive use
Detachable washable liquid proof tray
Filter to protect pump against impurities
Oversize rubber feet
Stainless steel Roll-holder with built-in bag cutter

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Control Panel Functions
A – Fully automatic cycle (automatically extracts air and seals)
M – Manual cycle the machine extracts the air until the S button is pressed
S – Manual sealing (press to interrupt air extraction and seal immediately). Cycle recommended for vacuum packing of fragile foods in bags
T – Three-level settings of sealing time (very useful when using wet bags)
C – For vacuum packaging in containers
M – For rapid marinating
Included Equipment
  • 5 pre-cut bags 40×50 cm
  • Roll 40 x 300 cm
  • Vacuum hose
  • Magic Vac bag cutter
  • Instruction Manual
Technical Features

Pump flowrate: 31.5 litre/minute
Max output: 380 W
Pump vacuum level: -0,85 KPA

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