Munro ProVac 360


Commercial Grade Food Vacuum Sealer

The new Munro Status ProVac 360 is manufactured in Europe by Status of Slovenia. This new machine uses state-of-the-art technology that outperforms any other vacuum sealer in its class.
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Includes two 25 x 35cm ( 50 Pack) vacuum bags, a further saving of $90.00 included free
European quality made in Slovenia
Double Pump 35L per minute
2 year commercial warranty
Full Stainless steel housing

Commercial Grade Specifications:

Wide 36cm sealing bar with double seals
Fast turbo pump
The Munro ProVac 360 generates a vacuum pressure of -0.85 to -0.90 KPA with continuous vacuum for large volume, and no over heating
Accurate vacuum gauge
Auto door-opener after vacuum cycle
100% liquid protection with liquid sensor, a world first!
Quiet when sealing
Pulse function for soft foods and liquids
Very fast vacuum cycle

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