Anyone who has worked in the hospitality industry will know of the big bulky chamber machines that vacuum seal uneaten products at the end of the day. Just by looking at one, you can tell they mean serious business. Being around 8 times more expensive than table-top vacuum sealers, you would expect them to be a far superior model. But aside from being larger in size, chamber machines don’t offer consumers much more value than Munro Direct food vacuum sealers.

No matter the model, chamber machines for vacuum sealing are more high maintenance than the Kardashians! So, why do we still bother using them?

Food Vacuum Sealers vs Chamber Machines

Because chamber machines are designed for industrial and commercial use, they are manufactured on a larger scale – often weighing between 45kg and 90kg. Because of this, they need to stay in one place.

Due to the larger scale, traditional chamber machines also require routine maintenance. Depending on the model, chamber machines often operate on oil-based vacuum pumps, which require re-oiling. Some units use an impulse mechanism in order to heat seal the pouches, meaning teflon and seal wires will also need be routinely replaced. Others utilise a heating bar that also have a short life expectancy.

H1000 Continuous Sealsowever, it must be mentioned that chamber machines can be cost effective when it comes to vacuum sealer bags. Averaging at around 20c a bag, it’s cheap to use. A domestic or commercial vacuum sealer requires bags which average around 40c per unit, however, they are reusable.

In the long run, Munro Direct’s food vacuum sealers are smaller in cost because there is no need for expensive up-keep, nor is there a bank-breaking initial cost. But is this maintenance-free machine equipped to manage larger loads?

The answer is a resounding yes! All our Lava vacuum sealers can perform up to 1000 continuous seals without overheating!


“A quality vacuum sealer brings out the best of both worlds with it’s power and simplicity”


Munro Direct’s Lava vacuum sealers are manufactured in Germany meaning there are no short-cuts taken – you won’t find any plastic or overheating problems there. Being engineered according to strict guidelines, every Lava vacuum sealer is required to pass a 100% quality and functional control test prior to dispatch. In addition, Munro Direct’s Lava Commercial Series are tripled sealed for extra security AND come with an extended 5-year warranty. It’s a pretty good investment!

Munro Direct’s Unika food vacuum sealer is designed for domestic users all our Lava vacuum sealers are built with commercial intention. If you want the industrial performance but domestic sizing and maintenance, check out the fantastic Lava V350 or V300 vacuum sealers.


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