New Zealand's Best Food Vacuum Sealer Rolls

BPA Free | 130 Microns | Bi -Directional Patterning

FVS – Status Vacuum Sealer Rolls are Made in Europe


  • BPA-free and are fully tested to meet food safety standards.
  • Safe to place in boiling water.
  • Suitable for boiling in the bag Sous-Vide cooking.
  • Microwave safe for reheating in the pack.
  • Extra Heavy duty – 130 Microns Thick.
  • Patented Multi-layered, bi-directional pattern which inhibits moisture and dust flow for a perfect seal every time.
  • Suitable for all domestic vacuum sealers.


  • Our rolls are fully recyclable.
  • Simply turn inside out and hand wash.
  • Or place in the Dishwasher.
  • Rolls can be cut to meet your exact size needs (no waste and reduces costs).
  • Not all vacuum sealer rolls are the same.
  • Quality rolls work better, can be recycled and save you time and money.

Free Shipping

Free Shipping New Zealand Wide on all orders over $50.

Heavy Duty

130 Microns thick, both sides double layered.

For all Domestic & Commercial Sealers

Our vacuum sealer rolls work with any domestic vacuum sealer.
Same Day Shipping

FVS - Status Made in Europe

Best Quality For Superior Results

Still Not Convinced? Read What Our Customers Say…

“Started using it the night I got home vacuumed everything in sight. If the family had’ve stood still long enough would have got them too. Absolutely great.”


“Loving our vacuum sealer purchase, use it every day, great for keeping our nuts and breakfast cereals fresh and safe from those pantry nasties, wish we’d bought one years ago!”

John Budge

“Love mine, it’s the best thing and when you go camping, if you keep the meat cold it lasts for a week in the Esky with ice.”

Chris Kay

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